5 Week Mindset Challenge

Self Connection Empowers You as a Woman

Do you want to feel connected, confident, and to live your best life?

Self Connection’s Mindset Challenge is great for women who want to start their journey to self empowerment, but you are not ready for a Blockage Identifying Call/Session.

In our five week Mindset Challenge, you will learn new tools to bring gratitude, personalised affirmations, mindfulness, self care, and self reflection into your heart.

“The Mind When Unoccupied Knows Not What it Wants.”

Latin proverb

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Mindset Challenge Excercises

Each week the Mindset Challenge focusses on different wellbeing exercises:

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wellness coach for women

Week 1 – Gratitude is Good For You

Why gratitude is important and the different ways to practice it

Week 2 – Self Affirmations to Say Everyday

How to make self-affirmations purposeful and powerful

Week 3 – Mindfulness – How to incorporate the benefits of mindfulness in everyday life

Week 4 – Importance of Self Care

Recognising society’s self-care stigmas and how prioritising women’s health and wellbeing can change lives

Week 5 – Reflection on Personal Development

Looking back to the start of the Mindset Challenge, recognising the positive changes, and celebrating your successes!

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Creatrix Transformational Mindset Coaching

When you are ready for the next step in your Self Connection journey, please book in for a one hour a Blockage Identifying session.

I will help you uncover the issues that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Together, we will then build your personalised breakthrough plan and set you on the path of changing your life for the better!

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What Women Say About Their Self Connection Journeys

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Bec Found Her Life Purpose with Creatrix Self Connection

Tracy Prescott from Self Connection speaks with Bec on her life experiences. Bec shares how Creatrix has helped her find inner peace and happiness. Tracy is a Creatrix Transformologist® who uses emotional intelligence and emphatic listening to help women free their emotional and mental blockages. She helps women live their best lives.

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Creatrix Empowered Steph to Live a New Life

Tracy Prescott from Self Connection speaks with Steph about her new life, and how Creatrix has helped her feel strong and confident. As a Creatrix Transformologist®, Tracy Prescott helps women understand that the female brain processes information in completely different ways to male brains. She helps women let go of the past,