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Helping Women Live Their Best Lives

Self Connection empowers women across Australia. Our programs include Emotional Wellness Coaching and Mindset Challenges that help women learn how to live their best lives.

Are You Looking For a Nurturing Environment to Help Get Your Life on Track?


Self Connection is led by Tracy Prescott and we specialise in emotional wellness coaching. We help women to be strong, confident, and embrace life.

Self Connection is based in Brisbane, Queensland. Thanks to the wonders of Zoom, we help women across Australia and overseas.

Self Connection Opening Hours

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9am – 5pm
9am – 3pm
9am – 5pm
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Emotional Wellness for Women

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As a female empowerment coach, Self Connection helps women to thrive in their personal and work lives.

Our services include:

  • Emotional wellness training for women
  • Epigenetics intergenerational trauma
  • Educating women on how a female’s brain is widely differently to men’s brains
  • Empowering women through self connection and self belief
  • Setting personal goals with a dedicated Self Connection personal development mentor
  • Empowering female entrepreneurs where our clients want to start their own businesses

Do You Need Help To Maximise Your Potential?

Free Coaching Discovery Call

If you would like further information, or you would like to see if we work well together, book in for a FREE 20 minute chat. I would love to hear from you.

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Emotional Intelligence Life Coaching for Women

Self Connection helps women to find their inner strength and lead happy and successful lives.

We can all find ourselves lost on our path, not knowing what our purpose is. Where we want to be, or what we want to be doing. It’s almost like being at a continuous crossroads in our lives and finding ourselves unable to determine our path.

I get it. I have been there too. I was stuck, frustrated, and scared. Something had to change.

Today, I am connected, happy, and I embrace life! I now help other women face the same challenges I experienced.

I wholeheartedly believe that when we are connected to our self we can live the life we’ve always dreamed of. We need to truly listen to our heart, mind, and soul so we can become our best selves.

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“ My Mission is to Help Women to Lead Happy, Fullfilling Lives”
Tracy Prescott
Self Connection
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Self Connection 5-Week Mindset Challenge

Do you want to feel connected, confident, and to live your best life?

The Mindset Challenge is designed for women who want to start their journey to self empowerment, but are not ready for Self Connection’s advanced Blockage Identifying Call.

In our introductory Mindset Challenge course, you will learn new tools to bring mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations, self-care, and reflection into your life.

Learn more about the Self Connection Mindset Challenge

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Creatrix® Transformational Mindset Coaching

Creatrix has helped me create the life I always wanted to live. As a trained Creatrix Transformologist and Self Connector, I can help you to live a better life too.

When you are ready to start our journey together, please book in for a one hour a Blockage Identifying session. I will help you uncover the issues that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Together, we will then build your personalised breakthrough plan and set you on the path of changing your life for the better!

Learn more about Self Connection Blockage Identifying Sessions

What Women Say About Their Creatrix Transformations

Where do I start, Tracy is awesome!

I came across Tracy’s website, and her front page jumped out at me so hard, it was as if she jumped in my head and put my thoughts in writing.

This was a revelation for me that I’m not the only woman out there who has deep thoughts with no tools to resolve these or move forward as my thoughts had haunted me for a very long time and once, I started working with Tracy, WOW!

Tracy has a kind demeanour, and she has the skills to help you dig deep, find your root causes and help you not only realize where your problems start from (which may not be where you think) as it certainly wasn’t for me, she also has the ability to teach you how to accept things in your life and how to look at it in a way that you no longer have that burden to carry and boy is that amazing.

I’ve learnt how to re-connect with a number of important people in my life and I will always be grateful to Tracy, for that was never going to be an option in my mind.

My life is a lot less complicated now, so again thank you so much Tracy, you are incredible at what you do, keep doing it!

Tracey – Brisbane, Queensland

Latest Self Connection Articles

Read the latest Self Connection articles. We use emotional intelligence and emphatic listening to help women free their emotional and mental blockages.

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Creatrix Empowered Steph to Live a New Life

Tracy Prescott from Self Connection speaks with Steph about her new life, and how Creatrix has helped her feel strong and confident. As a Creatrix Transformologist®, Tracy Prescott helps women understand that the female brain processes information in completely different ways to male brains. She helps women let go of the past,

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Bec Found Her Life Purpose with Creatrix Self Connection

Tracy Prescott from Self Connection speaks with Bec on her life experiences. Bec shares how Creatrix has helped her find inner peace and happiness. Tracy is a Creatrix Transformologist® who uses emotional intelligence and emphatic listening to help women free their emotional and mental blockages. She helps women live their best lives.