Bec Found Her Life Purpose with Creatrix Self Connection

Tracy Prescott from Self Connection speaks with Bec on her life experiences. Bec shares how Creatrix has helped her find inner peace and happiness.

Tracy is a Creatrix Transformologist® who uses emotional intelligence and emphatic listening to help women free their emotional and mental blockages. She helps women live their best lives.

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So Bec, what were you struggling with before your Creatrix breakthrough?

I had a lot of self-worth issues Tracy.

Lots of disbelief about whether or not I was actually good enough to be able to be a part of life really, always judging myself, judging what others saw of me or thought of me to whether or not I fit it in.

How long did you live like this? And how did it impact your life and your relationships?

For 10 years after my son was born, I suffered greatly from a lack of self worth. My belief in myself and my actions, and my responsibilities as a mum, as a friend, and as a co-worker all took a really big dive.

Everything that I did, I judged that I wasn’t doing it good enough. I felt that I didn’t fill any of the cups and that I just didn’t line up in anyone else’s eyes.

And in my eyes, I was truly letting a whole world of people down and I just wasn’t stepping up to the game. I just didn’t feel worth it, I didn’t feel like I was good enough, and I didn’t feel like I fit in. I tried really, really hard and it led to exhaustion and burnout with lots of anxiety.

I relate to that. And so what other modalities or therapies did you do prior to finding Creatrix?

I went down the path of postnatal depression because I started to identify all of these feelings within myself after my son was born.

I saw counsellors, I was going to doctors, and I was seeing midwives. I even took some medication there for a little while. But I didn’t see any changes. My behaviours were still the same. My beliefs about myself about not being good enough, not fitting in, judging, and being really hard on myself were all still there.

It didn’t matter how often I spoke to them; I just didn’t believe what anyone else was saying. I didn’t believe them. For the first couple of years of my son’s life, I tried exercise, dieting, meditating, and listening to self-help podcasts. I also tried self help seminars and meditation retreats.

I did everything to try and build up that confidence and belief in myself, to start feeling like I did before I became a mum.

Okay, so how would you describe your Creatrix experience? And what’s life like for you now?

Creatrix was so easy. When I started, I didn’t even know what Creatrix was.

I had the first couple of conversations with my Transformologist and what I really loved was that she could relate to how I was feeling, she could relate to what I was going through. And it was for the very first time that I actually felt like someone heard and understood what I was saying.

Before I felt dismissed like no one was listening, and I had to suck it up and get on with life. But my Transformologist just didn’t make me feel like that at all.

She was like, “Yeah, I can understand that. I see what you mean”.

Her life and my life have completely different dynamics, yet she really understood what I was going through. She really understood the female factor of why I was experiencing and living the way that I did. So from my very first conversation with my Transformologist, I experienced immediate change.

And it was my 10 year old son that picked it up first of all! We were driving in some pretty heavy traffic and the weather wasn’t great, yet I was as cool as a cucumber. My son said “Mum, what have you done today? What’s wrong with you, you’re really calm and cool at the moment”.

And I was like, I am – Wow! So then from that point on, my life has just gotten better. And it’s not only better for me, it’s better for my children, for my husband, and for the rest of my family and friends.

I’m now able to relax, I’m calmer and I don’t overreact in situations. I have regained that belief in myself that I lost after having my first child. And I am not so hard on myself anymore. Since Creatrix, I’m no longer my own worst enemy. So it’s really good.

And so what would you want to say to anyone out there who’s feeling like you used to feel?

Oh, you just have to give Creatrix a go! It is worth just reaching out and having a conversation with a Transformologist and just giving it a go.

Just have that conversation and realise that these ladies are professionals. And the issues that you are having, all women have them.

There is a different way. We don’t have to continue to struggle and fight to have the life that we want to have. Creatrix has allowed me to now embrace my life and do what I want to do in a completely stress free, calmer way.

So if that’s what you’re looking for, if you want to stop judging yourself and stop feeling like you’re worthless and that your life is such a struggle, then definitely reach out and have a talk with a Transformologist.

It’s a gift that just keeps on giving. It changes your life.

It really does change your life. Thanks Bec

Thank you, Tracy!

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