Setting Women's Hearts Free

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Welcome to Self Connection

Are you ready to connect to your true and authentic self and create a life you love?

It is easy to get lost in life. You may feel like you do not know where your next steps should lead or what is the right thing for YOU.

It almost feels as if there are two roads ahead of you and you can’t seem to choose one because both options seem too overwhelming!

The first step to connecting with your life lies in connecting to who you truly are.

Emotional Wellness Coaching for Women

Hi, I am Tracy Prescott. As a Women’s Emotional Wellness Coach, my purpose is to guide and support you to find your purpose, your heart’s desire, and your path.

You deserve to have everything you want out of this life. Not some things. You are worth it, so take a deep breath because this journey begins now!

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I Know a Woman Who Helps Other Women Turn Their Lives Around

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After years of living with self limiting beliefs, Tracy helped me better connect with myself. She gave me the tools to make better choices and live my life free of regret.

Kim - Brisbane, Queensland
self esteem help for women
I am forever grateful to Tracy for her private online coaching service. She taught me how to lead a happier life.

Julie - Brisbane, Queensland
health and nutrition coach for women
Self Connection really made a difference in my life. I am happier and fullfilled.

Sharon - Brisbane, Queensland

Emotional Wellness Coaching

Self Connection helps women to love themselves without judgment, to feel confident, and to live their best lives.

Our three tiered women’s life coaching starts with a free Coaching Discovery Call and then our Mindset Challenges.

We also design customised Blockage Identifying Sessions. We help you uncover and address issues that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential.


Self Connection’s five week Mindset Challenge is great for women who want to start their journey to self empowerment but are not ready for our Creatrix® Blockage Identifying Sessions.

Each week the Mindset Challenge focusses on different wellbeing exercises.

You will learn new tools to bring gratitude, personalised affirmations, mindfulness, health and wellbeing, and self-reflection into your heart.

Self Connection Testimonials

Would you like to hear from other women whose lives have been transformed by Self Connection’s Creatrix self-healing programs?

Women just like you have faced deep seated issues.

Thy have lived with fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough, and fear of not being a capable mum or co-worker.

Creatrix Transformology® has helped these women find a better way to live. And you can too.

What is a Creatrix Transformologist?

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Are you wondering what a Creatrix Transformologist is? Allow me to explain.

Creatrix is a female-minded breakthrough (emotional healing) experience that sets a woman free of her mental and emotional blockages. It wipes out the issues that stop a woman feeling great about herself and feeling in control of her life.

Creatrix is fast, pleasant, and instantly transforms a woman at her core.

It’s no secret that men and women are different. Women’s brains function and process information in a different way to men. Creatrix is the only process in the world that is designed for women’s brains.

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The Creatrix Process Helps Transform Women’s Minds So They Can:

  • Let go of past regrets
  • Release limited thinking
  • Stop negative head chatter
  • Break sabotaging cycles
  • Perform better
  • Make better choices
  • Feel internally strong and confident
  • Develop self-awareness; and to
  • Feel worthy and empowered

Break Negative Cycles

Motivation and Support

PersonaliSed programs

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Emotional Intelligence Professional Development

Before I found Creatrix I felt lost in my life. I felt deep down that I had so much more to give, that I was a leader and an innovator.

But something was stopping me from reaching my full potential. It frustrated the people around me because nobody understood why I wasn’t being all that I could be. And I felt the same way.

I used to dream of starting my own business helping people, allowing me to be my authentic, joyful, and confident self but always thought it was just a pipe dream and that I couldn’t possibly be successful.

After completing Creatrix I had the confidence to quit a job that wasn’t fulfilling. I am running my own successful business helping women who feel the way I used to. I help women to break free and live full, authentic lives!

Best of all, I feel passionate, confident, and fulfilled by what I do and who I am. And I want this success for you too.

“After Darkness Comes Light”

Latin proverb

Are You Ready to Break the Epigenetic Cycles of Your Ancestors?

What if you carried the pain of your ancestors and could unload that? Ever heard of Epigenetics? It’s just a fancy scientific word for ‘you don’t just inherit great grandma’s knobbly knees’, you also inherit the emotional scarring, the continuation of certain cycles such as domestic violence, abuse, and insecurities from your ancestors.

Sounds crazy but it’s true and it makes sense too. Well Creatrix was designed with exactly that in mind.

female empowerment coaching

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

Brene Brown

You Can Be the One to Break Negative Patterns

By taking your mind for a Creatrix breakthrough, you get the life lessons that heal the negatives so that you CANNOT even feel or believe those old sabotaging beliefs anymore. YOU ARE FREE OF THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL because you will KNOW better deep at a core level! You are then free to design your life and finally move forward.

Creatrix is EXCLUSIVELY designed BY A FEMALE, FOR THE FEMALE MIND, making it revolutionary in the world of personal development and psychology for women!

A Transformolgist is a facilitator who is so good she can guarantee transformation of women, setting hearts free for a living.

I’m part of a mission to set 10 million hearts free because just imagine the effect that 10 million passionate, empowered, and unlimited women would have on this world! And I’m down for that. I hope you are too.

What Women Say About Their Creatrix Transformations

Where do I start, Tracy is awesome!

I came across Tracy’s website, and her front page jumped out at me so hard, it was as if she jumped in my head and put my thoughts in writing.

This was a revelation for me that I’m not the only woman out there who has deep thoughts with no tools to resolve these or move forward as my thoughts had haunted me for a very long time and once, I started working with Tracy, WOW!

Tracy has a kind demeanour, and she has the skills to help you dig deep, find your root causes and help you not only realize where your problems start from (which may not be where you think) as it certainly wasn’t for me, she also has the ability to teach you how to accept things in your life and how to look at it in a way that you no longer have that burden to carry and boy is that amazing.

I’ve learnt how to re-connect with a number of important people in my life and I will always be grateful to Tracy, for that was never going to be an option in my mind.

My life is a lot less complicated now, so again thank you so much Tracy, you are incredible at what you do, keep doing it!

Tracey – Brisbane, Queensland

Creatrix Helped Bec to Be Her Best Self

Creatrix was so easy. What I really loved was that Tracy could relate to how I was feeling, she could relate to what I was going through.

It was for the very first time that I felt like someone heard and understood what I was saying.

As a Transformologist®, Tracy understands the female factor of why I was experiencing and living the way that I did.

From my first Creatrix conversation I experienced immediate change. I have learned that I don’t have to go through life struggling and fighting. I’m calmer and more relaxed now and I don’t overreact in situations.

Since Creatrix, I have regained the belief in myself that I had prior to my son being born. I am worthy.

Creatrix has allowed me to embrace my life and do what I want to do in a completely stress free way.

Bec – Mudgee, New South Wales

Creatrix Helped Steph Live Her Best Life

Before Creatrix I felt that I had to live small and do what other people told me to.

I used to think that I had to live a certain way, be a certain person. There was also a lot of pressure on me to have children.

I felt like I was this broken little shell of a person. I felt so fragile. I described myself as this little hollow egg that just had all the good stuff scooped out and thrown away. I would just break at the drop of a hat.

When I put my hope in other people’s hands to help me, they would then continually drop that ball. But with Creatrix you’re not going to be told that you can be helped if they can’t help you. That hope is treasured, it is held the entire time and you feel safe.

My life is completely changed now. I am strong, confident, and living my best life. I have also changed careers, travelled, and started my own business. There is no way old Steph would have ever done that.

Steph – Toowoomba, Queensland

Become a Life Transformologist and Set Women’s Hearts Free!

Have you felt that your true purpose is to help set other women free so they can live their best lives?

Are you a therapist, an emotional intelligence counsellor, or a women’s business performance coach and you want to take your professional development to the next level?

The Creatrix Transformology Program is for you!