About Self Connection

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Self Connection Empowers Women

Self Connection empowers women across Australia.

Our programs include Emotional Wellness Coaching and Mindset Challenges that help women learn how to live their best lives.

“After Darkness Comes Light”

Latin proverb

Emotional Wellness Coaching for Women

Hi, I am Tracy Prescott and I am a Creatrix Transformologist® and Self Connector.

We can all find ourselves lost on our path, not knowing what our purpose is. Where we want to be, or what we want to be doing. It’s almost like being at a continuous crossroads in our lives and finding ourselves unable to determine our path.

I get it. I too have been there, more than once.

You see, years ago I found myself stalled in life. I was struggling and unhappy with my career but didn’t know what I wanted to do nor what to do about it.

“I wanted a purpose, I wanted a path, and I wanted to find myself again”

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I was struggling in my marriage, feeling unsupported and like I was carrying the lion’s share. I was finding it challenging as a mother. I love my children more than anything but felt like I wasn’t giving enough to them, feeling drained by it all and having just nothing else to give.

I was stuck, frustrated, and scared. Something had to change. I felt that change needed to come from within me.

The internal conversations of self-doubt, insecurities, unworthiness, hopelessness, and frustration needed to stop. I needed to find tools that enable me to journey through these challenges and to change my mindset.

health and wellbeing coach for women

I needed and I wanted to turn my life around. I wanted a purpose, I wanted a path, and I wanted to find myself again.

Today, I am connected, happy, clear, purposeful, and embracing it all. Today, I am helping others who are facing those same challenges. I am sharing and teaching the tools and techniques that I was able to use to turn my life around.

I wholeheartedly believe that when we are connected to our self, and truly listen to our heart, mind, and soul we can see where we need to go.

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Emotional Intelligence Professional Development For Women

Self Connection specialises in emotional wellness coaching. We help women to be strong, confident, and embrace life.

We are based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Thanks to the wonders of Zoom, Self Connection helps women across Australia and overseas to:

  • Find clarity in their life purpose
  • Love themselves without guilt, hesitation, or self-judgment
  • Carve out time for themselves so they can grow and make their dreams come true
  • Strengthen relationships with their partners, children, friends, and work colleagues
well being workshops for women
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“Self Connection specialises in emotional awareness coaching designed for women by women.”

Tracy Prescott

health and wellbeing coach for women
health and wellbeing coach for women

Self Connection Wellness for Women

As a female empowerment coach, Self Connection helps women to thrive in their personal and work lives.

Our services include:

  • Female epigenetics trauma
  • Education on how the female brain is optimised for combining analytical and intuitive thinking
  • Empowering women through self-connection, self-belief, and personal development
  • Personal and professional development plans designed for women by women
  • Helping woman to be their best selves; and
  • Empowering female entrepreneurs
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The Self Connection Team

Self Connection specialises in emotional awareness coaching, learning and professional development, and self-help training that is designed for women.

Tracy leads the Self Connection Team. Tracy is a qualified Creatrix Transformologist and has over 20 years’ experience in human relations, recruitment, training, and customer service roles.

Tracy is an empathic and compassionate communicator who has advanced skills in human relations, coaching, and mentoring women.

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Emotional Wellness Qualifications

Licensed Creatrix® Transformologist®

Tracy gained her Creatrix Transformology training from the Institute of Women International. The Creatrix transformational process is developed exclusively for women and the way female brains are wired.

Help Women to Access Their Inner Wisdom

Tracy helps Self Connection clients to tap into their own inner wisdom where each woman learns to become her own guru.

Creatrix Whole and Complete Modality

Tracy applies a whole and complete practice to help women break negative cycles of behaviour, thinking and feeling. Self Connection clients learn to replace negative patterns with problem free internal and external perspectives.

Aligned and Integrated Counselling Methodology

Self Connection’s counselling method is inclusive of a woman’s mind and body, soul and spirit, and her conscious and unconscious mind

Prioritised Client Safety

Tracy ensures that a client’s emotional wellbeing is carefully considered during all Creatrix counselling sessions

Male and Female Sex Differences

Creatrix recognises that sex differences are not only based on gender biological factors. Males and females internally process information differently and they need different types of counselling and emotional support

Creatrix Role Models Walk the Talk

Tracy is a trained Creatrix Transformologist who is an authentic example of the method’s effectiveness. Tracy is living her best life thanks to Creatrix.

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Holistic Counselling Training

Tracy has also trained as a holistic counsellor with The Awakening Group.

This training empowers therapists, counsellors, and health practitioners to facilitate their clients’ personal transformation emotionally, spiritually mentally and physically so they can manifest their true life vision.

The Awakening Group’s training includes:

  • Holistic counselling to enable enabling deeper experience, understanding, and insights of healing and self-mastery
  • A study of systemic, organisation, and family constellations
  • Effective communication training and relationship counselling
  • Energy psychology and emotional freedom techniques
  • Sacred sexuality as a celebration of true desire

Tracy applies these skills in her work as a female personal development coach.

Professional Membership

BNI Australia

Tracy Prescott is also a member of BNI Inspire, a Business Network International chapter in North Brisbane.

BNI is a leading business referral organisation with nearly 300,000 members in over 11,000 chapters worldwide.